Course: Design I

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Course title Design I
Course code KST/KOI
Organizational form of instruction Lecture + Lesson
Level of course Bachelor
Year of study not specified
Semester Winter
Number of ECTS credits 4
Language of instruction Czech, English
Status of course Compulsory
Form of instruction Face-to-face
Work placements Course does not contain work placement
Recommended optional programme components None
Course availability The course is available to visiting students
  • Srb Pavel, Ing. Ph.D.
  • Fliegel Vítězslav, doc. Ing. CSc.
Course content
1st Introduction, objectives and status of construction of the manufacturing base. Standardization and manufacturing documentation. Standard equipment for the production of technical documentation. 2nd Fundamentals of Design, new methods, tools and analysis, congenital (research, development, production) 3rd Basic methods and rules of display. Sections and cross sections, intersections and unfolding. The display illustrative. 4th Dimensions on engineering drawings, technical drawings for quotation. Specific ways of listing functionality and Technological listing. 5th Dimensional accuracy - not tolerated by the size, dimensions tolerated, a system of limits and fits. Accuracy of direction, shape and position - definition of precision, accuracy required and unprescribed. Base and sub base. Tolerance chains, positions tolerating holes for fasteners. 6th Surface quality. Roughness of the surface, its characteristic values and their ruling on technical drawings. Surface quality and surface modified layers and their ruling on technical drawings. 7th Construction materials and intermediate products - the types of construction materials and intermediate products and their regulation on technical drawings. Classes of waste. 8th Standard features on the technical výkresech.Výběr from the database. Threads of threaded fasteners and components. Tolerating threads. Splined joints and threaded connections. 9th Gearing - the basics of kinematics geometry calculations and transfer gears. Display gears and sprockets. Manufacturing drawings of gears. 10th Presentation drawings and manufacturing of springs. Displaying and marking roller bearings to re-new production drawings. 11th Displaying and labeling of shaft seal on the drawings. 12th Production drawings Permanent joints, marking seams, glued and soldered joints and connections. 13th Modern methods of making drawings) 14th Reserve Content of training: 1st Preparation of sketches and drawings for development of a manufacturing machine parts 2nd Preparation of sketches and production drawings for development of two machine parts 3rd Preparation of sketches and production drawings for development of three components of machine 4th Preparation of sketches and production drawings for development of four machine parts 5th Preparation of sketches and production drawings for development of five mechanical components 6th Practice patterns of ISO system of limits and fits dimension and tolerance chains. 7th Development credit hour . Poslech Fonetický přepisSlovník - Zobrazit podrobný slovníkPřekladač Google pro moje:VyhledáváníVideaE-mailTelefonChatFirmyO Překladači GoogleVypnout okamžitý překladOchrana osobních údajůNápověda ?2010Nástroje pro firmyTranslator ToolkitO Překladači GoogleBlogOchrana osobních údajůNápověda>

Learning activities and teaching methods
Monological explanation (lecture, presentation,briefing), Self-study (text study, reading, problematic tasks, practical tasks, experiments, research, written assignments)
Learning outcomes
The subject is an extension and deepening knowledge of the design of machine parts and mechanisms. The content of the course consists of the following thematic units: 1. Introduction to technical documentation. Essential Requirements for Technical Drawings. Making engineering drawings taking into account functional and production requirements. Norms. 2. Technical documentation. 3. Basics of imaging. Rectangular projection on more screen. Intersections, cross-sectional view and cross-sections. 4. Basic dimensioning methods in technical drawings. Special dimensioning methods. Dimensioning technology. 5. Surface quality in technical drawings. 6. Tolerance on technical drawings. Prescribed and Unspecified Tolerance of Length and Angle Dimensions. 7. Tolerance on technical drawings. Prescribed and Unspecified Geometric Tolerances. 8. Tolerance on technical drawings. ISO tolerance and storage. Equivalent storage. 9. Tolerance on technical drawings. Accuracy in dimensional circuits. 10. Prescriptions of semi-finished products and construction materials. Standardized structural elements. 11. Welded and solder joints, glued. sdrip, compressed. 12. Sprocket calculations, production drawings of sprockets, springs. 13. Production drawings of gears, transmissions. 14. Modern methods of drawing documentation drawing.
Students obtain knowledge in given course in accordance with requirements and sourse programme.

Assessment methods and criteria
Combined examination

Zápočet: At least 75 % active attendance on practices; Discovery of documents objectively and content correct and on requisite graphic level fully - fashioned drawings in terms given teacher's desk. Exemplary guidance sketch book. Zkouška: Written and mouth examination - contingent gained credit.
Recommended literature
  • Pustka, Z. Základy konstruování (Přesnosti na technických vý, 2009kresech, Skriptum TU Liberec.
  • Pustka, Z. Základy konstruování (Technické kreslení), Skriptum.
  • Řasa, J.-Švercl, J. Strojnické tabulky. Praha, Scientia, 2004.
  • ŠŤastný H, TŘEŠTÍK b. Manuál technické dokumentace KOOP, České Budějovice 2005.

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